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Balls rate
(Expression) To express excitement.
Usage: Balls! I just found twenty dollars!

balls rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Expression) The exclamation of great discomfort or anger.
Usage: Ryan: Hey Adam you broke it
Adam: Oh balls...

balls rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Noun) the things hanging down in between your legs
balls rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Colloquialism for the testicles. Etymology: From ballocks ; dates as far back as William Shakespeare. Once spelled: bawls. See penis for synonyms.


(1) Leticia Van Allen (Mae West) sponsoring a policemen's ball in Myra Breckinridge (1970): ' I've always adored policemens' balls. '

(2) Porn king Jerry Caesar (Dabney Coleman) to the Reverend Whirley (Christopher Plummer) in Dragnet (1987): ' Reverend, you've got balls as big as church bells.'

(3) Nick Conklin (Michael Douglas) explaining 'cops' instinct' to a Japanese detective Matsumoto (Ken Takakura) in Black Rain (1989): ' Sometimes you've got to forget your head and grab your balls.'

(4) Pedro (Peter Falk) in Tune In Tomorrow (1990): ' Does Pinocchio have wooden balls?'

(5) A sketch on The Pepsodent Show . (Bob's script called for a simple 'Okay'.)
-- Hedy Lamarr: 'I'll meet you in front of the pawn shop.'
-- Bob Hope: 'Okay, Dottie, and then you can kiss me under the balls.'

(6) Erica Benton (Jill Clayburgh) in An Unmarried Woman (1978): ' Balls! said the Queen. If I had 'em I'd be King.'
-- A rewording of: ' Balls! said the Queen. If I had two, I could be King.' ( If I had 'em I'd be king.)
-- George Burns: ' If my aunt had balls, shed be my uncle.'

(7) Jonathan (Jack Nicholson) speaking of Cindy (Rita Moreno) in Carnal Knowledge (1971): ' You know her problem? She wants balls.'

(8) Amber (Elisa Donovan), about tennis lessons, and Dionne (Stacey Nash) in Clueless (1995):
-- Amber: ' Miss Stoguer, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my face.'
-- Dionne: ' Well, there goes your social life.'

(10) Graffito: ' As a man grows old his balls grow cold.'

2. To have balls , to have courage, guts, or nerve, often recklessly so.

(1) Peggy Schuyler (Madolyn Smith) to Roger Cobb (Steve Martin) in All of Me (1984): ' It's either me or your balls, Roger. You can't have both.'

(2) Fast Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) to Vince (Tom Cruise) in The Color of Money (1986): ' You've got to have two things to win. You'ge got to have brains and you've got to have balls. You've got too much of one and not enough of the other.'

3. Balls! An expletive of surprise, annoyance or disbelief.

4. Balls! Or: Talking a load of balls! Rubbish; nonsense.

5. Balls-up , like fuck-up, mess up, screw up, cock-up , a mixed up situation, a shambles.

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