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ass-hole rate
(Adult / Slang)
Or: asshole :

1. The anus; the rectum or rectal opening. See anus for synonyms.


(1) Dirty Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) in The Dead Pool (1988): 'Opinions are like assholes - everybody has one.'

(2) Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) to Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) in Another 48 HRS (1990): ' If shit was worth something, poor people would be born with no asshole.'

2. Insulting term of address for a despicable, detestable, irritating person; a jerk.
Synonyms: A-hole; assfuck; badass; bastard; birdturd; blue meany; bugger; cocksucker; cracker; crumb; cunt-face; cunthead; dick(head); dip(shit); dipstick; dirtbag; dirty-bum; dirt-chute (or -road); dot; double-clutcher; four-letter man; fuck(ker); fuck-head; heel; horse's ass; junkyard dog; louse; MF; momzer; mother(fucker); mucker; muhfuh; peckerhead; piece of shit; pigfucker; pissant; pisshead; prick; punk; putz; rat(fuck); rat's ass(hole); scumsucker; scurve; scuzz; scuzzbag; scuzzo; shithead; skunk; sleazebag; sleazeball; so-and-so; S0B; son of a bitch; son of a whore; stinker; sumbitch; turd; worm.


(1) Tom Grunick (William Hurt) to Aaron Altman (Albert Brooks) in Broadcast News (1987): ' I like you as much as I can like anyone who thinks I'm an asshole. '

(2) Bernie La Plante (Dustin Hoffman) in Hero (1992): ' The thing about kids is, they're so young they don't know nothing yet. When you're a kid, you think you're gonna grow up to be a wonderful person, instead of an asshole like everybody else.'

(3) Rock & roll defective Ford Fairlane (Andrew Dice Clay) in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990): ' So many assholes... so few bullets.'

(4) Sgt. Toomey (Christopher Walken) in Biloxi Blues (1988): ' You would need three promotions to be an asshole.'

(5) In Road House (1989): ' Morgan was born an asshole and just grew bigger.'

(6) Debra (Deborah Goodrich) and Terry (Joyce Hyser) in Just One of the Boys (1985):-- Debra: ' Deep down he's insecure.' About her boyfriend Greg.-- Terry: ' Up front he's an asshole.'

3. A fool; a stupid person.

4. Asshole buddies , two good friends.

5. Tight asshole , either someone who keeps rigid self-control in any situation or someone too rigid, self-controling and uptight.

6. Tangle assholes , to come into conflict.

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