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WOLF rate
(Abbreviation) Web Object Literal Format
WOLF rate
(Abbreviation) Wolverhampton Online Learning Framework
wolf rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. A sexually aggressive (or predatory) male; a seducer; a womanizer; a philanderer. See ladies' man and philanderer for synonyms.

SEE ALSO: wolfess.


(1) A sheriff and Susan (Katharine Hepburn) about David (Cary Grant) in Bringing Up Baby

WOLF rate
(Abbreviation) World Order Law Force
wolf rate
(Noun) a wild member of the dog family
Usage: The wolf howled at the moon.

wolf rate
(Noun) a predator related to dogs that lives in the woods usually.
Wolf rate
(Noun) It's a type of carnivorous mammal
wolf rate
(Noun) A powerful canine in the Canidae family.
Usage: My favorite animal is a wolf.

WOLF rate
(Abbreviation) Warehouse Operational Logistics Fulfillment

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