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Wings rate
(Noun) The curtained areas to the left and right of a stage.
Usage: The actors waited in the wings.

WINGS rate
(Abbreviation) Wide Integrated Network Graphical Search
WINGS rate
(Abbreviation) Women In Need Growing Strong
WINGS rate
(Abbreviation) Workflow Information Network Global System
wings rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Gaylese for fluttering hands and arms.

2. A gay metaphor for one's homosexuality. They ruffled her wings, s/he was manhandled.

3. To become or to discover one's homosexuality. I was turning fifteen when I first got my wings.
SEE ALSO: angel; beads.


(1) Scott Favor (Keanu Reeves), a young male prostitute in My Own Private Idaho

WINGS rate
(Abbreviation) Women's International News Gathering Service
WINGS rate
(Abbreviation) Web Interactive Network of Government Services
WINGS rate
(Abbreviation) Women Influencing a New Generation of Students
WINGS rate
(Abbreviation) Women9s International News Gathering Service
wings rate
(Verb) gains momentum
Usage: The idea gains wings.

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