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noob rate
(Expression) Someone just started to play a game, and doing a lot of error.
Usage: You are a noob ! =]

noob rate
(Noun) 1: a newbie, a person that is new to something. (eg: a computer game, a sport, etc.)
2: a newbie that makes mistakes and annoys other people
3: a person that ruins the fun for other people or does stuff that annoys other people
Usage: My friend is a noob at this game.
The noob is ruining the fun for other people.

noob rate
(Noun) A person that is new at some sport, organization, or activity and that person thinks he or she is good at it, but really is not.
Usage: Jeremy is a noob because he joined the baseball team because people said he was really good.

Noob rate
(Expression) (Internet slang) - A new player to a certain area and/or inexperienced player.
Usage: I am a (noob) to this game, I am not sure what to do. - Jack is a noob, he doesn't know much yet.

noob rate
(Noun) Someone who is new to something and usually is not good at that certain thing.
Noob rate
(Abbreviation) short for newbie, a person who is new at an activity and with little experience causing annoyance to senior participants
Usage: get lost you noob

Noob rate
(Expression) Someone who begs for free stuff and is annoying.
Usage: Cory why are such a noob.

Noob rate
Slang term for a person who isn't pleasant to be around.
Usage: Man you're such a noob, get out of here.

Noob rate
(Adjective) An insult to one who does not know what they are doing.
Noob rate
(Verb) A video game expression meaning someone new to the game, a "newbie."
Usage: The boys didn't want to play with all the noobs so they quit.

noob rate
(Noun) A person who is new to something.
Usage: You are such a noob you don't even know what the controls are!

noob rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Noun) Someone who plays an overrated game.
noob rate
inexperienced person at activities/games
Usage: That guy is such a noob at call of duty

noob rate
referring to a new player in an online game
noob rate
(Noun) Someone who is new to a certain activity. Can also be used as an insult
Usage: Wow, you suck you're a noob.

Noob rate
(Noun) Someone who is new to an activity, and acts like they know much about it when they really don't know anything.

Also used as an insult.
Usage: The shopkeeper glared at the noob who was attacking himself.

noob rate
(Noun) Person who is new; newbie.
Usage: There are a lot of noobs in this game.

Noob rate
(Noun) A urban slang term for the slang term newbie, which means a person who is new to a certain subject or concept, such as a game, sport, etc. Sometimes, but not always, it is used to declare that one's self or another does not completely understand the task(s) at hand.
Usage: I'm a noob, so I still have a hard time doing that.

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