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google rate
(Verb) to look something up on the internet
Usage: I googled the answer to your question.

Google rate
(Noun) A search engine online http://google.com also contains many services such as Google Maps(R) GMAIL(R) Google News (R) Credited company: GOGL
Usage: I searched Google for FACEBOOK(R)

google rate
(Verb) to search a term using the Google.com search engine. Sometimes applied to generally searching for information on the internet.
Usage: I didn't know what "hummus" was, so I googled it.

google rate
(Verb) to search the required content on internet; net surfing for obtaining desired results
Usage: i went to google to see the vacancies in IT.

google rate
(Noun) A search engine that lets you type searches. It lets you search stuff like Maps, Business, Videos, and other stuff.
Usage: Person 1: Hey Jake, how do beat level 2 in Super Mario Galaxy?
Person 2: You beat by going to the end of the level and hitting the switch.
Person 1: How did you know that?
Person 2: I went on google and typed "video game cheats".

google rate
(Verb) To search in a search engine such as google.com
Usage: I googled the definition of definition.

Google rate
(Noun) What you type into the Google search engine when you are bored.
Google rate
(Verb) To search on the search engine Google
Usage: Just Google it and see what comes up.

Google rate
Online search engine; very popular
Usage: I'll google it!

google rate
(Verb) "to google" = to look up something on the internet, most likely, but not necessarily, using the search engine 'google'.
Usage: "I don't know what that means, I'll google it when I get home".

google rate
(Verb) The largest internet search engine. People use google to find out information.
Usage: "I'll google it."

Google rate
(Noun) A popular search engine.
Google rate
(Verb) To search up on google.
Usage: I'm going to google cars.

Google rate
(Verb) to look something up on the Internet by entering the word into the search bar of Google.com
Usage: If you can't find their website, you can probably just Google them.

Google rate
(Noun) (1). A search engine for the internet
(2). Something that people search on the internet, preferably on google.com, people who attempt this thing are most likely suffering from extreme boredom in which they try their best to kill time.
Usage: I use Google to find the meaning of life

Google rate
a website where people can see pictures of anything such as motherboard or a dead babasaur. there are also a lot more information which are boring for children to see. there are pretty colors and pretty rainbows which are red, yellow, blue and green.
google rate
(Verb) to look something up on the google search site.
google rate
(Verb) to use a internet search website such as Google.com to find information pertaining to what you typed in the search box
Usage: I googled for information sheet explained the cell structure of plants.

google rate
a heck of a lot (measurement)
Usage: I went to google.com and got googles of answers!

google rate
(Verb) to use key words to search the Internet for best matches to the searched topic
Usage: "I googled 'best beaches' for ideas of where to vacation."

Google rate
(Noun) A search engine that will send you to another search engine called safe search if it realizes you are not an adult.
Usage: Aww, man! I got sent to safe search when I tried to search up fvifwjbvjhgbvsdh! Now all I can see is an ugly squirrel picture!

Google rate
(Noun) The largest number possible.
Usage: There isn't even a google dollars in the world.

Google rate
(Verb) To search for a word in the search engine Google.

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