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Dying rate
(Verb) 1The stage between being capable of living; and being incapable of living.
2the corporeal stage of hyperdeterioration of cellular substances which result in the retainment of deteriorated cells that quickly adversely affect the healthy cells of the body; and cause a massive, slowly deteriorational affect on healthy cells without sufficient cellularic replacement to prevent new cells from being generated to replace the deteriorating cells. this results in a massive deterioration of the entire corporeal structure which results in the lack of replenishment of nutrients to sufficiently allow the entity to remain stabilized. this destabilization results in a nonsubsistive condition of the corporeal structure.
when total destabilization occurs that disallows the structure to remain within a subsistive capability, the structural deterioration hyperaccelerates to a condition of being incapable of remaining cohesive infrastructurally.
at that time,all organs fail due to improper rejuvenation of cellular structures.
the hyperacceleration of deterioration results in total incompatibility to remain structural. molecularic structures become separated into individual elements and compounds that are quickly released into the bloodstream. the entity quickly disintegrates molecularically at that stage of deterioration.
3the stage between being capable of cellularic displacements; and, chemotoxification of healthy cells by quickly deteriorating cells that cause sufficient chemotoxification of cellular substances that is more accelerated than the capability of cellular displacements; as well as, cellular elimination from the body of deteriorated cells.
the chemotoxification by deteriorating cells accelerates sufficiently to induce organic malfunctions by progressive predomination of deteriorating cells which are sufficient to inhibit healthy cells from remaining within a sufficient quantity to prevent the molecularic disintegration of the corporeal structure. massive contaminants from deteriorating cells also, cause deterioration of the healthy cells at a molecularic level progressively; and, results in insufficient displacement of deteriorated cells by new healthy cells to prevent the complete disintegrative functions of the entire corporeal structure. survival of the body diminishes to a level of incompatibility of subsistence.
Usage: that person is dying.

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