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Consciousness rate
(Noun) Consciousness is usually defined by individuals who rely on the brain and thinking to speak to Esoteric phenomena. Consciousness is Esoteric. That is, it exists, but it is not physical, nor does it manifest itself on the physical plane. To experience Consciousness, one must go to where it exists, and this poses a problem for those confined to intellect.
A similar thing is true for the Soul of Man. Or the Energy of Spirituality. Or the MIND, for that matter.
By not recognizing that the Esoteric are not physical, and thus, not capable of being perceived by the brain, people who speak as though they "know" what the Esoteric is, are ordinarily mistaken, although they do not recognize this, since their brains are not capable of recognizing what their brains cannot perceive. And their MINDs feed delusional thinking to their brains that cause them to "think" that they "know" what they are talking about.
Consciousness is a part of one's Spirituality, and it allows one to perceive phenomena via a special Energy with a capability of accessing all four vibrational dimensions of the whole human being. Consciousness, along with one's Soul, vacates the physical body at death, and shifts to one's Astral body, where it remains until one is reincarnated into a new physical body.
Usage: His Consciousness allowed him to sense he was safe, although his environment was threatening. The use of Intuition can be used and refers to part of the same thing.

consciousness rate
lack of air to body
Usage: i was about to loose consciousness

consciousness rate
the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings
the awareness or perception of something by a person
the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world
Usage: Jen bumped her head very hard but remained but it did not affect her consciousness.
Jen's consciousness of the large bump on her head was acute.
consciousness arises from functions of the brain

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