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computer rate
(Noun) it is a machine which can do everything.
Usage: i love computers.

computer rate
(Noun) keyboard and monitor and mouse
Usage: when I turn on my computer, nothing else comes on

monitor, keyboard dead.

computer rate
look up stuff with, learn stuff with it, and helps people work
Usage: My computer has helped me out alot so far this year.

Computer rate
(Noun) An elaborate piece of high tech equipment that allows people to have marketing and networking skills as well as a informtation database to store information into. Can also be used for communication through internet service.
Usage: My computer allows me to keep up with all my important documents and communicate with people all over the world.

computer rate
(Noun) a part of technology
Usage: i am going to turn on the computer

Computer rate
(Noun) A device which is used for entertainment, writing, and information purposes.
Usage: The computer was fast enough to be able to stream media

Computer rate
(Noun) A device used that computes mathematical input and/or displays information.
Usage: Jack got on his computer to go to the internet.

computer rate
(Noun) a device used to play games and use the internet.
computer rate
a computing device that is made of electric boards in the hard drive. It is a storage/search engine/communication device that is a machine.
Computer rate
(Noun) A device humans use to waste time or occasionally do something productive.
Usage: Today I spent six hours on the computer and now my butt hurts.

Computer rate
(Noun) A technical device allowing access to documents, websites, and much more. The computer can store things such as pictures, videos etc... It is used for work and play.
Usage: Jane stored pictures of her vacation on her computer.

computer rate
(Noun) An electronic device used to communicate, send information, and do work.
Usage: I typed on my computer all day.

computer rate
(Noun) A computer allows you to go on the Internet, and look up anything. You can also play games, load pictures, find people, etc. Or you may also type reports for school, or something like that.
Usage: My teacher Mrs. Moris, told the whole class to type a report on ''Hatchet'' and to also type it on the school's COMPUTER.

computer rate
(Noun) device used for getting on the internet.
computer rate
(Noun) something that computes things.
Computer rate
(Noun) A computer is a device created by a random guy, it is MEANT to be used for educational purposes during school hours but instead is used as a device to procrastinate and to play games.
Usage: Computers without internet are not worth having

Computer rate
A device with multiple uses such as the internet.
Usage: He used his computer to type his school work.

computer rate
(Noun) an electronic device used to assimilate data
Usage: I was playing on the computer when I found a site to feed hungry children

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