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turtle rate
(Noun) An amphibious animal with a soft, scale-like body covered partly by a thick and hard, though lightweight shell. Turtles often hide inside this hollow shell by retreating their neck and limbs.
turtle rate
(Noun) slow animal that has a hard shell it can retreat into.
Usage: The turtle's motto was, "slow and steady wins the race."

Turtle rate
(Noun) A scaly reptile that can live in either water or on dry land, it has a hard shell on its back. Many species are endangered and it is frowned upon if you take one away from its natural habitat.
Usage: The turtle was green.

turtle rate
(Noun) Animal of the Reptile order, enclosed in a horny shell; normally, it is smaller than a tortoise.
Usage: Some people like to foster turtles in their gardens for company.

turtle rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. British term for the female genitals, derived from turtledove. See vagina for synonyms.

2. Australian slang term for a prostitute. See prostitute for synonyms.

3. Or: turtle head / turtle's head , an urge to defecate so strong that hard feces is pushing through the anal sphincter muscles.

QUOTE: Fat Bastard (Mike Myers) in Austin Powers 2 The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999): ' First things first. Where's your shitter. I've got a turtle poking out.'

turtle rate
a tortoise

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