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sexual bondage


sexual bondage rate
(Adult / Slang)
Or: bondage , the sensual and consensual experience of safe captivity and physical helplessness. A sexual practice in which a participant is physically restrained or otherwise tied up, as with cords, ropes, silk scarves, collars, fetters, leg irons, handcuffs, or manacles, or through the use of stocks, pillories, cages, etc., as a means of attaining sexual gratification from relinquishming control, or in combination with spanking, whipping and other disciplines as in bondage and discipline. Bondage scenarios are negotiated ahead of time to determine the modes and modalities of the exchange of physical power to be acted out, to select the paraphernalia to be used, and to agree on a safeword to be used by the submissive to end the game whenever s/he chooses. CAUTION: A bound person should never be left unattended and should be constantly monitored for breathing, circulation, skin tone, and temperature of the fingers and toes.
Etymology: Fom the Anglo-Latin bondagium, to inhabit. The word entered English prior to the 14 th century referring to the tenure of a serf or slave to his master.
See also: bondage and discipline; burgundy handkerchief; tity (or titty) bondage; vincilagnia (arousal from bondage).


(1) The Detainer (Daliah Lavi), strapped naked on a couch, and the short megalomaniac head of the evil organization SMERSH, Dr. Noah (Woody Allen) in Casino Royale (1967):
-- Detainer: ' Do you treat all the girls you desire this way? '
-- Dr. Noah: ' Yes, oh yes. I undress them and tie them up. I learned that in the Boy Scouts.'

(2) Hairdresser Rita/Susan White (Julie Walters) and a client in Educating Rita (1983):
-- Client: ' Is that a book you're reading? (...) What's it called? '
-- Rita: ' Of Human Bondage.'
-- Client: ' Yeah? My husband's got a lot of books like that.'
-- Rita: ' Somerset Maugham books? '
-- Client: ' No, bondage books. '

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