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roflcopter rate
(Noun) A roflcopter is another way to say LOL, or rofl. The copter at the end of roflcopter was generated by what we know as "hackers" on the internet. They often speek in numbers and symbols insted of test. this way of speaking is often refered to as leet speaking The have many things like roflcopter, like lollerskates and lmaoplane. There are also very popular ASCII art of all these examples.
Usage: (In hacker) 0|v|6 7#@7 \/\/@$ $0 ]=|_||\||\|j 20]=1|=(c)0|*132
In internet slang: omg that was so funny roflcopter
in Engligh: Oh my god that was so funny ha ha ha.

roflcopter rate
(Noun) A webspeak word, used as a symbol of hilarity, or to defeat a lol, lmao or even a psml. A roflcopter cannot defeat twn lols, and can be at least held to a draw by five lmaos. A pmsl cannot beat a roflcopter in any quantity.
Usage: "That roflcopter just totally took out that lol."

(Abbreviation) A Copter that is Rofl
Usage: My Roflcopter goes SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY

roflcopter rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Adjective) a roflcopter means roll on floor laughing while going around in a circular motion like a helicopters blades
Usage: that joke made me roflcopter

roflcopter rate
(Noun) a 1337 helicopter that rofls lmaos and lawls alot ...
Usage: nub: pl0x pick me upzorz
1337zor: NAW ! you ares teh nubsorz so you pl0x another 1337zor

roflcopter rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Verb) somebody laughing very hard
Usage: That face made me roflcopter.

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