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(Verb) The action of sticking out one finger and pressing it against something. Some societies consider this act to be offensive, so use with caution.
Usage: I poked my tummy. I giggled.

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(Verb) To tap gently.
Usage: I poked the cat with a stick and it attacked me.

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(Verb) to touch with one finger
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(Verb) to poke someone on facebook, by an example, have a mysterious signification...
To poke can mean : refuse somebody who want to be your friend without "click" on reject but just with poking it, so you can go and see his profile but this personn cannot see your profile. ...
Usage: My brother had poked me on his web page of facebook and he had laughed so much when he saw my Album within me who wasn't able to do the same by the same way!

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(Adult / Slang)
1. Of a male, to copulate (with) a woman. See copulation for synonyms.

QUOTE: Miss East (Balling) to Jim West (Will Smith) in Wild Wild West (1999): ' Are you a dangerous spy of some sort or just a handsome cowboy who likes to poke around? '

2. To penetrate with the penis.

3. In gay terminology, a true or stylized homosexual cowboy, based on cowpoke.
SYNONYMS: buckaruby; ranchera.

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