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(Adjective) This word doesn't actually exist in standard dictionaries. That's because it's based on the verb 'impact' being used wrongly. 'To impact' doesn't mean 'to affect' or 'to influence'. If it did, then 'impactful' would mean affecting, effective, or influential. 'To impact' actually means 'to strike forcefully' or 'to press together'.
Usage: His misuse of the word 'impact' was really impactful.

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(Adjective) Capable of making an impact; having the potential to change something
Usage: When the manager changed the pitcher in the 9th inning, it was the most impactful decision of the entire game.

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(Adjective) The adjective form of "impact," basically.
Usage: "For first-timers filming on the fly, Y'all: Life In A Box is deftly composed, with wonderful top-tier editing and use of music adding to an already surprising, impactful film."

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(Adjective) possessing the ability to make a strong impact.
Usage: She edited the letter to make it more impactful.

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(Adjective) causing an impact
Usage: Some regulations are far more impactful on the economy than others.

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