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(Noun) a tropical typhoon which forms itself in the North Atlantic Ocean
Usage: As a category 5 hurricane, Katrina devastated New Orleans and left many homeless.

Hurricane rate this definition:
(Noun) A tropical low-pressure system with spiral bands rotating around a closed-circulation(or relatively clear calm eye).
Usage: Hurricane Elizabeth is steadily gaining strength.

hurricane rate this definition:
(Noun) A storm with a violent wind (74mph or more velocity) and usually very heavy rain
Usage: The devastion and damage the hurricane did changed forever the lives of the ones who escaped death!

hurricane rate this definition:
(Noun) Hurricanes are tropical cyclones with winds that exceed 64 knots or 74mph.
They move in a clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere and anti- clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.
Usage: How does a hurricane form?

Hurricane rate this definition:
(Noun) A British fighter airplane of the 1930s and early 1940s.
Usage: While Hurricanes were the dominant defense aircraft in the Battle of Britain, they were gradually replaced by Spitfires as the years went on.

hurricane rate this definition:
(Noun) A tropical storm that can cause major damages, usually by water.
hurricane rate this definition:
Something that is really windy/rainy.
Usage: The hurricane destroyed the whole town.

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