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food metaphor


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(Adult / Slang)
The imagery of food drawn upon to characterize women and the female genitals as edible objects for male consumption. Foods are also associated with sex, sexual intercourse and the male genitals.

Examples of food metaphor:

1. VAGINA / VULVA: artichoke; bacon sandwich; basket of goodies; beefbox; bit of jam; bit of pork; cabbage (garden); cake; cheesecake; cherry pit; cookie; cornucopia; etc.

2. BREASTS: Apples; apple sumplings; baby's dinners; bangers; basket of goodies; bell peppers; bonbons; Café la Mama; cakes; cantaloupes; cherries; cherry-topped sundaes; chestnuts; coconuts; cones; cream jugs; cupcakes; dairies; etc.

3. WOMEN AS FOOD: angelcake; bird; bit of jam; cake; cheese-cake; crumpet; cupcake; dish; eatin' stuff; honey; hot dish; hot patootie; peach; peacharooney; peacherino; poppet; poundcake; quail; sweet patootie; tomato.

4. PENIS: cucumber; dill; kosher dill.

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