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conundrum rate
(Noun) an impasse; unable to decide
Usage: I found myself in a conundrum as to which opportunity was better

conundrum rate
(Adverb) A problem.
Usage: We are in quite the conundrum.

conundrum rate
(Noun) a dilemma
conundrum rate
(Noun) Hard to figure out. Difficult to understand.
Usage: It's a conundrum why he can't keep a wife.

conundrum rate
(Noun) A unique and different type of problem. Like a catch-22 situation. A puzzle to a particular problem.
conundrum rate
(Noun) An apparently-insoluble problem - though upon closer examination it might turn out to be merely daunting rather than actually insoluble.
conundrum rate
(Noun) a puzzling problem
Conundrum rate
(Noun) A problem where you don't like any of the solutions
conundrum rate
(Noun) A dilemma or paradox; a riddle.
conundrum rate
Usage: I have a real conundrum with your answer

conundrum rate
(Noun) something puzzling
conundrum rate
difficult situation
conundrum rate
(Adjective) quandary or perplexed
Usage: i am in quite a conundrum over this matter.

conundrum rate
(Adult / Slang)
British euphemism, in the 17 th century, for the female genitals regarded as puzzle to the sexually inexperienced male. See vagina for synonyms.

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