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constitution rate
(Noun) charter
constitution rate
(Noun) (legal) a document which acts as a contract between a government and the governed, generally establishing responsibilities of each of these two entities towards each other. In its best form, its goal is to establish the fom of the government in such a way as to maximize and protect the rights of the governed. It usually establishes the obligations of the government, such as establishing the basis for elections, form of the government (such as a constitutional monarchy, or elected leader) legislative form (such as the basis for representation), legislative powers and procedures, judicial forms, powers and procedures and executive form, powers and procedures.
Usage: The Constitution of the United States guarantees certain rights to all citizens of the country. The Constitutions of the individual states define the rights for the citizens or residents of those states where the Constitution of the United States has granted the rights to the states.

constitution rate
(Noun) A perfectly-standard, non-slang word to describe the physical makeup of an individual.
Constitution rate
(Noun) The fundamental law of the United States (and/or any other nation).
Usage: The first ten Amendments to the Constitution, as much a part of it as the "Constitution" itself (largely just a mechanical document), are what make America America: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, etc.

Constitution rate
(Noun) (U.S.) The basic law of America (which Franklin did not write), as amended.
Usage: If the Supreme Court holds that a law is Constitutional, that means it's legal - and if not, not.

Constitution rate
(Noun) a document that guides the United States of America
Usage: Ben Franklin wrote the Constitution of the USA.

constitution rate
(Adult / Slang)
The physical makeup of an individual.

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