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cacomorphobia rate this definition:
(Noun) A fear of fat or obese people, not a hatred or dislike. Literally terrified of being around a fat person without a rational reason.
cacomorphobia rate this definition:
(Adult / Slang)
An irrational fear of fat people.
cacomorphobia rate this definition:
(Noun) An irrational fear of fat or obese people with no legitimate reason.
Cacomorphobia rate this definition:
(Noun) A fear of obese or fat people. This is not discriminatory. It is literally defined as being terrified of being near or around some one larger (fatter or more obese) than you.
cacomorphobia rate this definition:
a disgust and hatred for fat people, an irritation of obese members of our society.
cacomorphobia rate this definition:
like HOMOPHOBIA ...... an irrational dislike or fear of fat people that reflects what society say about "big" ppl

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