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(Noun) Wise woman or priestess. Old Norse:VALA. Old English:Wicce
Usage: Before Christian persecution, Witches were highly respected healers.

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(Noun) A woman or man who uses the energies of earth, air, water, fire, or spirit to create magic or transformations of the world around them or themselves personally.
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A word that used to describe a person (usually a woman) who uses magic
Usage: The witch added components to her cauldron

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(Noun) A person, usually female, who possesses magical abilities, such as conjuring potions and casting spells.
Usage: The witch used a spell to turn the prince into a toad!

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(Noun) a female who can do magic
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(Noun) a female magical person
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(Noun) Wise healer or Priest/Priestess. Old Norse: VALA (Noble healer)
Usage: Before being persecuted, witches were highly respected healers.

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(Verb) To heal physically as well as psychologically: To teach wisdom: To comfort.
Usage: In order to create good doctors, a Professor will witch his students.

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(Noun) One who uses mundane and magical means to effect change in his/her or others' reality, especially healing of pain or solving life problems.
Usage: Susan will go to the local witch to ask for help with her problem.

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(Noun) Any person, male or female, who follows an earth centered religion that is a reconstruction of or a continuation of pre-Christian beliefs. Oftentimes, a witch is often considered a priest/ess of their chosen Deities.
Usage: My friend, Sam, is a priest of Cernunnos and identifies himself as a witch.

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